Created by Nicholas and Charlie in 2017, the Evil Scientist was one of Security’s henchmen.

Rainforest Edit

During a journey to the rain forest, the scientist met Hello and Goodbye, who were studying flesh eating owls. He joined them on their mission, but made the mistake of standing on an owl burrow. Hundreds of owls rushed out and tore his flesh from his bones. Hello and Goodbye thought he was dead, so they left.

Later on, Security found the scientist and made him a cyborg with a flaming head. Thinking that Hello and Goodbye left him to die, the scientist joined Security.

Ressurecting Hello Edit

Upon hearing that Hello had been murdered by Security, the Evil Scientist used special blood to resurrect him. This way he could pretend to be friends with Hello an Co. His plan worked, and he betrayed the team, leading to the death of one of the mustachio brothers.

Faceless Zombies Edit

Security ordered the evil scientist to create an undead army, so he created a horde of faceless zombies. This plan went well, but after the army had been destroyed, The Bearded Ape threw him off a cliff, and he exploded at the bottom.