Hokey Pokey is a character created in 2015. Although he was not made by TFMM, they still use him sometimes.


Sven Teece was a worker in the Tip-Top factory. His favourite ice-cream was hokey pokey, and his job was to mix the hokey pokey with the ice cream. Unfortunately, one day he leaned over the railing a bit too far, and he fell into the ice cream mix. None of his fellow workers knew this, so they came back and kept on mixing, causing Sven to be mushed up with all the ice cream and hokey pokey.

When he was finally saved he seemed normal...Until someone said poke. This is when he became Hokey Pokey, an psychopathic serial killer who poked people to death.


Over the years, Hokey Pokey collected multiple tools to poke with. These included...

  • A giant pointing finger from a baseball game.
  • Gloves with tasers in the fingers.
  • A large pole with an electric finger at the end.