Created by Charlie in 2015 but mainly used in 2016/17, Joey is a strange little boy.

Origins Edit

Joey's parents died when he was only three months old, and he was adopted by two very cruel parents. Eventually, when he was five he decided to kill them and get it over and done with. He was picked up by the police, who handed him over to his closest relative: His mother's grandfather's cousin's son, but Joey called him Uncle.

On Holiday Edit

Uncle Malcolm took Joey to a little house on top of a huge hill. They stayed there, but if any of the other people in the house annoyed them, they killed that person.

Later... Edit

Joey also met a little girl called Victoria. She annoyed him lots, but he had a crush on her. Eventually she used him to beat up people who annoyed her, but he ended up pushing her into rushing flood waters during a storm.

Notes Edit

  • Joey's favourite TV show is called Jesus In America, a show about Jesus going into the future. He arrives in the Wild West and goes on many cowboy adventures to foil the dastardly bandit Lucifer. It has a single religious message at the end of each show.
  • Joey went crazy because when his mum died she dropped him on his head.