Created by Nicholas in 2013, The Bearded Ape was a giant, hairy man from New Zealand.

Origins Edit

While he was from New Zealand, it was during the cave times. After the first Intergalactic Massage Convulsion, he popped up out of nowhere. He was a baby Neanderthal, but he had been given insane strength, everlasting life, and an amazingly clever mind. Because of this, he was possibly the first modern human, and is the second oldest character, beaten only by Changer, who was already alive at the time of the first I.M.G.

Life In The Modern Era Edit

The Academy For Gifted Youngsters Edit

In 2005, he became a security guard at the Academy For Gifted Youngsters. His job was to pick up possible students and give them the test. He was the one who picked up Changer, but he did't realise that the 14 year old kid he had found was actually even older than him.

Battle Against Security And Living On The Island Edit

When the Academy was destroyed by Security in 2014, the Bearded Ape helped defeat the villain. After this, he moved to an island, where he was frequently visited by his friends. Even though he was alone, the Bearded Ape was happy, because he had lots of time to build all sorts of machines and vehicles.