Created by Corban in 2015, the Dutch Hunter was a member of the second exhibition to Madman's island.

Mission Edit

The Hunter was hired by the shadowy agency known as NOMAD. He was the one who contacted the General and convinced him to come to the island. He also lied to everyone else on the mission and told them that they were looking for a missing plane, when in reality they were looking for Madman.

They arrived on the island, and just like with Arnie's team, Madman began picking them off one by one. Eventually the General realised that the Hunter had been lying, and he forced the Hunter to tell him the truth about the mission.

The Hunter then took control of the team and left the General and his Pilot behind.

Death Edit

When he realised that Madman couldn't be killed by any human weapon, he tracked down the most dangerous electric eels on the island. He dug a pit and filled it with water. He then set up a trip wire so that Madman would fall into the pit, which was full of eels.

But Madman knew the Hunter's plan. He threw a log into the pit, and when the Hunter went to check out what had happened, Madman swung down from a tree and kicked the Hunter into the pit, where he was electrocuted to death by the eels.

Notes Edit

  • He is the secondary villain of the story. The first one didn't have any villain other than Madman.