There are multiple different universes in the TFMM timeline, and these are just some of them.

  • Basic Earth: This is the universe we live in, so TFMM are just a group of friends who make up loads of weird characters.
  • Broken Earth: In this version, Security sent a wave of radiation around the planet, destroying multiple countries and leaving the rest of the world as an apocalyptic wasteland. One of the biggest wastelands is the Draconian Desert, which is eight times the size of the Sahara desert.
  • Tertiary Earth: TFMM exist as public figures who own a large tourist island called Mad Island. This is the universe where Rise Of The Dead, Ghoul House, and Dark days are a reality.
  • Cyberpunk Earth: Security won and is now the ruler of our planet. In this universe, Buggy rises up as a superhero to defeat the tyrant.
  • Phase One Earth: Only the characters from phase one exist.
  • Mainstream Earth: Every character is real. Most of the main storylines take place in this version of our planet, including Hello's death, Orangutan's friendship with the scientist, and Arnie arriving on Madman's island. This is where original Puku Nuku came from.